Enabling Livelihoods through Telemedicine

Telemedicine makes it possible for patients to receive medical care, advice, education, monitoring, and admissions online while delivering health-related services and information. Telemedicine is now a necessity, especially in the advent of the COVID-19 Pandemic and is an important space that requires original ideas and innovation.

Upjeevika established a platform for imaginative ideas with the Telemedicine Livelihoods Challenge and hosted a webinar to commemorate the finalists.   

The webinar focused on the Telemedicine Livelihoods Challenge while introducing the esteemed members of the jury and the finalists, Ubiqare Health Pvt Ltd & ZMQ Development.

Ubiqare Health was founded with a mission to make speciality healthcare easily accessible to patients away from the hospital, typically at home. Ubiqare solves this problem by combining technology, trust, teamwork, and Touch in one hybrid physical and virtual care platform.  

ZMQ Development is a Technology for Development (T4D) social enterprise established in 1998. Its Patient’s Active Compliance and Treatment toolkit (PACT) has been successfully tested in various locations closely with the National TB and Leprosy program. Its solution enables adherence rating up to 90%, and treatment outcomes have positively increased to 83% in the last two years.   

Chief Impact Officer at Sambhav Foundation, Dr Gayathri Vasudevan congratulated Mr Sridhar & Mr Srinivasan, Co-founders at Ubiqare Health Pvt Ltd. and Mr Subhi Qureshi, CEO at ZMQ Development, for their accomplishments. Dr Vasudevan then gave the stage to the partners, Mr Kartik Iyer, Director, Business Operations, GIDC India at DXC Technology and Ms Angelyn Jayaseelan, Associate Director HR at DXC Technology. They took time out to explain their vision for enabling social innovation, the thought process behind Upjeevika and the robust selection process of the applicants.

The webinar concluded with Dr Vasudevan introducing the next challenge to build resilient livelihoods for Commercial Vehicle Drivers and Delivery Executives. The learn more about the problem statements for the next challenge, click here https://upjeevika.com/hmws/.

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